Thursday, 21 June 2012

day 28 + 29 | 100 Pantone postcards project

Thursday, 21 June 2012
day 28. 


Sarah is one of my friends from this group. She and I met in O-week at Melbourne Uni. I was walking along the road, eavesdropping on her conversation.

"I don't know what to do" she said. "The intro to political science is on at the same time as the intro to philosophy, which should I go to?"

I had the same problem.

The three of us got talking about our chosen subjects and it turned out their friend Kate was also going to study Russian {I was enrolled in Russian}. We ended up going separate ways shortly afterwards but I met Kate later on that day and she and I have been great friends ever since. Sarah and I didn't really become close until about six or seven years ago.

At a 21st birthday speech I once quoted Brandon from Beverley Hills 90210 {yes, I really did...} who said "you don't go to [university] to get an education, you go to university to meet the people who will be your friends for the rest of your life". Who would've thought that more than 15 years later I'd still be friends with someone whose conversation I interrupted? Doesn't life work in wonderful ways?

day 29.


This postcard really didn't want to be written. I struggled writing it and made so many mistakes. I forgot words and then tried to cram them in. And repeated myself in other places. But you see, this is a 100 postcard challenge and there are 100 postcards so while I desperately wanted to throw this one out and start again, I couldn't. So I'm going to break my own rule again and send Penny a nicer, better-written card at a later date. She deserves better than my terrible effort on this one.

It's people like Penny who make my job as a parent SO much easier. I want my boys to have a well-rounded education but there are some things I'm not interested in or just don't know about. Peny can do things and knows so much about things I have no clue about. Her blog, Wildlife Fun 4 Kids, has so many great posts about cool things you can do to foster a love of wildlife in children.

I'm so embarrassed to admit that I was one of those parents who delighted in taking the boys to the lake at the end of our street and feeding the ducks all our bread scraps. Apparently that's not so nice. Penny has an amazing recipe for gourmet duck food {but don't be fooled by the title, it's easy!}. Share the post with all the other bread-feeding-mums you know. Do the poor ducks a favour!

Hieee Penny! How are you? On my monitor this colour postcard is an exact match for the beak (or is it bill?) for the bird on your about page. Reading your blog is so humbling for me - I realise just how little I know about animals, but I'm so grateful you can provide me what I need to know. My favourite post of yours is 'Giraffe Craft' - I could do that!! So looking forward to getting my boys more involved with animal craft. Love Kate xo

What am I doing? Read this post for an explanation. 

P.S. On this day a year ago I posted: 30 Days of Creativity - Day 21 - What a day of creativity and concoctions!


Penny said...

You're too hard on yourself Kate. It was perfect and it made me smile.

Also, don't be embarrassed about feeding ducks bread. So many people don't know how unhealthy it is for them to only eat bread all the time. If you don't have time to whip up the recipe, you can just grate some carrot and apple. They seem to like that too!

Lee said...

I heard some where that the ducks like frozen peas too and they are better for them.
It's so true about uni friends. I am not really in contact with any friends from school these days, just jobs and uni. And blogging now too! xx

Renee | About a Bugg said...

Love reading these and 'meeting' all the people that are important to your life - feel like I am getting to know you better through it. Would never have known about the bread and ducks either...!

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